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What is Mobile Remapping?

If you’re looking for mobile remapping services, you might be wondering.. what the process is, how much a mobile remap costs and is the quality of a mobile remap as good as a a remap carried out on a dyno in a unit / garage?

In this blog we answer all of those questions and provide a comprehensive review of mobile remapping, so that you know exactly what to expect before you enquire.

First of all, let’s address the basics..

What is mobile remapping?

Mobile remapping is a process of tuning the engine control unit (ECU) to get more power and torque from your engine at your home or place of work. The ECU is the brain of the car that controls all aspects of the engine, so by tuning it, we can increase the performance of the engine without making any physical, hardware changes.

Not everyone is comfortable taking their vehicle to a workshop, for a number of reasons ranging from lack of time waiting for the service to be carried out, to not trusting the environment, as many people dislike the service quality of a garage business.

For those that aren’t in favour of taking their vehicle to a garage for tuning, mobile remapping is a convenient alternative allowing for an ECU remapping service to be carried out at your place of work or on the drive at home. The service takes between 1-2 hours from start to finish allowing for next to no downtime for your vehicle, which is most important for those using their vehicle for work purposes.

The service provided in mobile remapping is of the same standard as taking your vehicle to a garage, something we discuss later on in this blog.

How is ECU remapping performed mobile?

Mobile ECU tuning services are performed by software-only remapping specialists. Due to the nature of mobile remappers’ work being solely software, the work requires only a laptop and genuine tuning equipment to import tuning files from calibration tools online to upload to your vehicle’s ECU.

Mobile ECU remapping is carried out in the same manner as in-house, garage remapping. The tuning tool is connected to the vehicle through the OBD port, which is located in most vehicles under the dashboard on the driver’s side. The tool will be linked to a master tuner who will send through a remap file for your vehicle, enabling the operative to upload the file straight to your vehicle’s ECU through the OBD port.

This file uploaded to your ECU by your mobile remapping agent will have been calibrated by a master ECU technician who should have calibrated the vehicle based on the performance figures displayed on the rolling road, so rest assured the file uploaded to your vehicle is of high quality.

Is a mobile remap the same quality as a remap carried out at a tuning facility?

If your ECU remap is supplied by a reputable company with master technicians in-house supplying the mobile tuning files to their agents, the quality of your remap will be of the same standard as engine tuning carried out in-house at a tuning facility.

Remap software is calibrated by master ECU technicians. The files provided to mobile remapping agents will have been created in a controlled environment at an ECU tuning facility and should have been tried and tested on a dynamometer/rolling road whereby master technicians will make adjustments to the tuning file to develop performance or fuel economy variations that adjust the vehicles ECU to alter the way the vehicle operates, within safe parameters of your vehicles hardware limitations, ensuring the car remapped is safe to drive.

Due to mobile remapping being solely a software-based upgrade, there are only two options for your vehicle, Stage 1 tuning or Economy. Let us explain the difference and the benefits to each.

Mobile remapping | Stage 1 performance

A stage 1 remap is a software upgrade for your car’s engine management system that can improve fuel efficiency and performance without any hardware upgrades.

A stage one remap makes changes to the air-fuel mixture and ignition timing as well as valve settings in order to give you more BHP and torque.

A stage 1 remap is designed to increase the performance of your vehicle without the requirement for hardware upgrades, increasing performance within safe parameters of vehicle manufacturing limit. You can expect between 5% and 40% increase in BHP depending on your vehicle. Torque gains vary between 15% and 70% with some petrol and turbo diesel engines completely transforming with ECU software upgrades.

Your cars performance gains from our mobile remapping service

Use the 117Speed vehicle database below to find your vehicle. These figures display the stage 1 tuning performance we can extract from your vehicle with our mobile, software only remapping service. If you would like your stage 2 power, get in touch with us one

Mobile Remapping | Economy remapping

Tuning your vehicle’s engine and drivetrain to operate more efficiently can result in significant fuel savings, reduced emissions as well as improving performance.

There are a number of different methods to tune your engine, this includes adjusting things like the timing and pressure in fuel delivery systems as well as improving torque lower down in the rev range providing your vehicle with more power to accelerate through the gears, getting your car to cruising speeds much faster, saving fuel that the engine would use accelerating up to speed.

Making these changes can have a huge impact on a vehicle’s fuel efficiency providing up to a 10-15% improvement in fuel efficiency as the engine operates more efficiently.

The cost of mobile remapping

Mobile ECU remapping prices vary. Generally the cheaper the remap, the more likely your tuning agent is to be uninsured and using clones/none genuine tolls that put your vehicle at risk. At the time of writing this (July 2022), you can expect to pay between £285 -£500 for a mobile remapping service in the UK.

Costs may vary depending on your vehicle make / model and the tuning requirements such as better fuel economy or improved performance. If you would like a quote from the team here at 117Speed contact us on for a no-obligation quote.

Benefits of Mobile Remapping

  • 1. Mobile remapping is a convenient way to get your car tuned. You can have it done in your driveway or at your workplace, without having to take it to a garage.
  • 2. Mobile remapping is often more affordable than taking your car to a garage.
  • 3. Mobile remapping can be done on a wide range of cars, including those that are not commonly tuned.
  • 4. Mobile ECU tuning can improve your car’s performance and fuel efficiency.
  • 5. Mobile ECU tuning is a safe and reliable way to tune your car.

Make sure your mobile remap provider is insured

Mobile ECU remaps require genuine tuning tools to be used for safe execution. The software in our engine control unit is extremely important to the health of your vehicle so ensure that the tuning provider you choose to work with is accredited and insured.

There are often cases of cheap remaps being sold through none accredited, fake remapping tools. If your vehicle has issues this supplier won’t be insured and won’t have the tools to rewrite your stock file back to the vehicle leaving you with an immobile vehicle and no insurance to cover the mistake.

Overall, mobile remapping is a convenient and affordable way to tune your car. It can improve your car’s performance and fuel efficiency and is a safe and reliable way to tune your car. Make sure you choose a reputable and accredited mobile remapping provider who is insured in order to avoid any problems.

If you have any questions or would like to book your vehicle in for a mobile remap with the team here at 117Speed contact a friendly member of our team on and we will discuss your tuning options along with providing a no-obligation quote.