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What is a Stage 2 Remap?

A stage 2 remap is an engine calibration performed on a vehicles ECU that requires hardware upgrades to be made the the vehicle to maximise the output of the software enhancements. This usually involves increasing the turbo boost pressure, fuel injection timing and duration, and air-to-fuel ratio.

A stage 2 upgrade can be performed to increase vehicle power and performance. Stage 1 calibrations can be performed for fuel economy and power, however stage 2 is solely for the benefit of performance.

Stage 2 remaps are commonly performed on turbocharged petrol and diesel engines and is the next level above a stage 1 remap, a software-only ECU remapping practise that requires no hardware upgrades. A stage 2 remap will require various hardware upgrades depending on the vehicle you are tuning in order for the vehicle to handle the additional drivetrain load the engine is experiencing.

How is a stage 2 remap different to a Stage 1?

As we have already mentioned, a stage 2 remap is a more powerful and aggressive version of a stage 1 remap.

A stage 1 is often performed not only to improve vehicle driving experience with better throttle response, improved BHP/Torque, and less turbo lag, but the improved fuel economy. If driven in a sensible manner, a stage 1 remap can improve the fuel efficiency of the engine and is chosen by a lot or remap customers for that exact reason. A stage 2 however takes these same performance stage 1 performance enhancements to the next level, unsafe for stock vehicle hardware to operate at the level of performance and so requires hardware upgrades.

You can think of it as.. stage 1 tuning is for the streets and for those looking for a better driving experience and fuel economy and a stage 2 is for drivers who want to increase performance dramatically and build a track-worthy road car.

The biggest difference between a stage 2 and stage 1 remap is the power output. A stage 2 remap can provide up to a 30% – 50% increase in power over the factory settings, while a stage 1 typically provides around 15-20% increase in power. That being said, each individual car will respond differently to the tuning software so it’s important to consult with a professional tuner to see what sort of power gains you can expect for your specific vehicle.

Can you go straight to a stage 2 remap?

Yes. You don’t need to achieve a stage 1 remap first and then move to Stage 2. Instead of a stage 1 ECU calibration, a tuner can apply a Stage 2 with hardware upgrades the same day.

Stage 2 remap hardware requirements

A stage 2 software calibration is much more aggressive than a stage 1. By increasing the vehicle’s power and demands from the drivetrain to safely execute at the vehicle’s new performance band a stage 2 remap requires hardware upgrades to be made.

This makes both the delivery of power safer on stock engine components that would otherwise experience wear and tear under strain and delivers power most effectively increasing the vehicle’s output and overall performance on the road and on track.

Common stage 2 performance hardware upgrades include:

– An upgraded turbocharger/hybrid turbo

An upgraded turbocharger is one of the best ways to improve the performance on your vehicle. By upgrading to a stage 2 remap, you can see significant gains in power and torque. This will also help to improve your fuel economy as well.

– A high-flow intercooler

If you’re looking to upgrade your high-pressure intercooler, a stage 2 remap can improve performance significantly. By increasing the pressure in the intercooler, you’ll be able to reduce turbo lag and improve throttle response. Plus, the increased airflow will help to cool your engine, which can extend its life and improve overall efficiency.

– High-flow fuel injectors

High-flow fuel injectors are a great way to improve the performance of your vehicle. By upgrading to high-flow fuel injectors, you will be able to increase the amount of fuel that is delivered to your engine. This will allow you to make more power and improve your acceleration. Additionally, a stage 2 remap will further improve the performance of your vehicle by optimizing the timing and delivery of fuel to your engine.

– A high-flow exhaust system

A high-flow exhaust system is a great way to improve the performance of your car. It allows your car to breathe better and makes it more efficient. A stage 2 remap will further improve the performance of your car by increasing the power and torque. It is important to note that a high-flow exhaust system will also make your car louder. If you are not looking for a loud car, then you may want to consider a different option. Overall, a high-flow exhaust system is a great way to improve the performance of your car.

– Induction kit

Installing an induction kit is one of the most effective ways to improve the performance of your car. By allowing more air into the engine, an induction kit can increase power and torque. Additionally, a stage 2 remap can further improve performance by optimising the engine management system for use with an induction kit. As a result, upgrading to an induction kit with a stage 2 remap can significantly improve the performance of your car.

Every vehicle requires different upgrades in order to safely meet newfound performance capabilities from a stage 2 software upgrade. If your vehicle does not meet hardware upgrade requirements, then it will not be able to achieve the increased power output that is characteristic of a stage 2 remap. However, if your vehicle does meet these requirements, then a stage 2 remap can provide a significant power increase, improving your performance figures BHP/Torque by 30% – 50%, completely transforming the way our vehicle drives.

Expected performance gains from a Stage 2 Remap

Stage 2 provides 30% – 50% increase in performance on turbo-charged vehicles where as naturally aspirated engines provide a much lesser gain and are often avoided by tuning companies as labor costs and parts financially outweigh the performance benefits the customer receives after tuning.

The most common cars in the UK to receive a stage 2 performance upgrade are Audi S3’s and Gold R’s. Audi S3 Stage 2 and Stage 2 Golf R provide the same figures as they house the same engine.

The stage 2 remap figures for these vehicles are as seen below:

Stage 1

295 BHP – 364BHP

280 lb/ft – 346 lb/ft

Stage 2

295 BHP – 382 BHP

280 lb/ft – 364lb/ft

If you’re looking for the ultimate in performance gains, then a stage 2 remap is the way to go. If you are looking to Stage 2 your vehicle, reach out to a member of the 117Speed team on for guidance on your build and a free no obligation quote.