Do You Have A Range Rover Evoque DPF Full Warning?

If you have a Range Rover Evoque, you may have experienced an annoying problem with the DPF (Diesel Particulate Filter) warning light. This can be a cause for concern as it indicates that your exhaust filter is full and needs to be reset or cleaned.

Range Rover DPF Cleaning Service By 117Speed

As range rovers age, their exhaust filters require more attention to function properly. 117Speed’s range rover DPF cleaning service can help restore your range rover exhaust filter back to working order.

We use a specialized chemical solution and high-pressure air to remove the soot and other debris from your filter. This process helps reduce emissions, improves engine performance, and extends the life of your exhaust filter.

Once our technicians have completed the cleaning process, we will also perform a reset on your range rover to ensure that it is working as efficiently as possible. This reset will also help to prevent future clogs and reduce the need for additional cleaning services down the line.

Our range rover DPF cleaning service is designed with the goal of resolving range rover evoque dpf full warnings with a range rover exhaust filter full reset for maximum efficiency and performance.

If you have been experiencing a full warning on your range rover, or just want to ensure that your exhaust filter is in top working order, then contact 117Speed today to have our specialized technicians provide you with a DPF cleaning service.

Range Rover Evoque DPF Cleaning

Signs Your Range Rover's DPF Might Be Full

You will know about a problem when you notice an engine warning light on your dashboard or limp home mode triggered at random times – Our technicians will clean away dirt without removing old filters so that your DPF works efficiently saving you the cost of a new DPF filter.

  • DPF or Anti-Pollution warning lights on your dash?
  • Car in “limp home” safety mode?
  • Poor acceleration and MPG?
  • Facing expensive repair costs to replace the DPF?
  • Confused about what the best solution is for you? 

You can prevent your car’s DPF from getting clogged by regularly cleaning it. Replacing the filter is expensive and time-consuming, which makes preventive maintenance essential.

Benefits Of Range Rover DPF Cleaning

Cleaning your Ford DPF is important for a number of reasons. A clogged DPF can lead to a vehicle going into limp mode, unable to drive. As the DPF gets progressively blocked over time the vehicle will experience a loss of power and even judder lower in the rev range. 

By regularly cleaning your Ford DPF filter you can maintain the health of this costly vehicle component, saving you money on expensive replacement fees in the future whilst saving on fuel costs and improving the performance of your vehicle.