Porsche servicing | Authorised Porsche specialist garage based in Manchester

At 117Speed, we understand that your Porsche is important to you. Servicing your Porsche is essential in order to maintain its performance, safety and standards from the factory. This also proves that your Porsche is in the best condition possible for future sale or end of finance agreements.

Porsche servicing with 117Speed

At 117Speed, we understand that your Porsche is a symbol of your hard work and success. We know that you need to keep it in pristine condition, which is why we offer premium servicing at an affordable price.

Our experienced technicians will conduct a thorough inspection of your vehicle, from the bodywork to the digital diagnostics. We only use the best fluids and materials during our servicing sessions, as we know that your Porsche deserves the same precision as its build quality.

If you’re located in Manchester, Leeds or Liverpool, then we are the service center for you. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.

Porsche full Servicing:

At 117Speed, we pride ourselves on our quick and efficient Porsche servicing. We’ll have your car back to you within 4 hours, with all fluids topped up and replaced as necessary. We use only genuine Porsche filters and specification Mobil 1 FS 0W-40 Fully Synthetic Engine Oil for our oil and filter replacement. Once our service is complete, we take the vehicle for a 5-minute test drive and calibrate all vehicle fluid sensors.

Land rover servicing is important to maintain your vehicle’s performance. Land rover engine oil should be replaced with the same grade as when it was new. Regular servicing will keep your car running at its best. Land rover fluids must be able to withstand high temperatures and stress. We use only the best quality oils and fluids for Land rover servicing. This will keep your car running like new.

Fluid changes are an essential part of Porsche servicing. Highperformance vehicles experience higher stress both in acceleration and stopping, so it‘s important to use quality materials that can withstand the demands placed on the vehicle. At 117Speed, we use Porsche servicinggrade brake fluid, specifically produced for your vehicle model.

We only use the best gearbox oil for Land Rover servicing at 117Speed – Mobil DCTF Multi-Vehicle Fully Synthetic Dual Clutch Transmission Fluid. This premium fluid is what’s used in main Porsche dealerships, so you can be sure you’re getting the best possible service from us.

View our 14 point Mercedes servicing list
  • Checking all safety systems
  • Checking all interior lights
  • Checking all exterior lights
  • Checking windscreen washer system and toping up fluid level if necessary.
  • Checking all Tyres for tread depth, patter of wear, overall condition and inflation pressure.
  • Check Ferrari Mobility system (if applicable)
  • Checking engine coolant level and concentration. Re-adjust mixture ratio or top up where necessary.
  • Checking headlamp exterior condition and functionality.
  • Checking steering fluid reservoir oil level (if hydraulic steering)
  • Checking all brake lines and connections for tightness and correct positioning
  • Checking under body and all visible parts for damage, correct positioning and tightness
  • Checking steering system for failures, play, leaks, damage and wear
  • Test Driving – Checking brakes, steering, shock absorbers and gearbox
  • Exterior and interior is washed.




Our Annual Porsche servicing ensures that crucial fluids and filters are changes as well as a full health inspection of the vehicle bumper to bumper.


Major Porsche servicing includes all Annual Porsche servicing plus gearbox oil change, replacement air filter, power steering fluid, spark plugs and anti freeze as an optional extra.


All Porsche clutch replacement and repair work is performed by our fully trained and proficient technicians who have extensive experience in clutch replacement and repair.


We are an approved Porsche dealer, which means we have the stamp of approval from Porsche to work on their vehicles. This certification makes our ability to work on your Porsche official and ensures that we will provide you with the best possible service.

We pride ourselves on being able to provide Porsche servicing at a price that is lower than the main dealer, while still maintaining precision and quality. We have authentication certificates from Porsche that prove our capability to work on their vehicles, and we use materials and fluids of the same grade as the main dealer. Contact us today to book your Porsche in for a full or partial service. Contact us on 0161 240 7547 or email at Sales@117speed.co.uk