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How effective is economy remapping?

Economy remapping is the process of making changes to the way a vehicle’s engine runs in order to improve fuel economy and reduce emissions. This is done by making adjustments to the engine control unit (ECU), which controls how engine components operate. These adjustments can either be made to perform an economy engine remap or a performance remap.

Economy remapping can have a number of benefits, including improved fuel economy, reduced emissions, and improved drivability. In addition, economy remapping can also help to extend the life of your engine by making it run more efficiently. So if you are looking to improve your vehicle’s fuel economy and improve the driving experience, economy remapping may be a good option for you.

Driving experience improvement

Due to the additional power a diesel vehicle will experience not only better fuel economy but a linear power delivery with a requirement for less gear changes whilst accelerating to cruising speeds and easier towing with heavy loads. Here are a few examples of economy tuning benefits to your driving experience.

Throttle response

Throttle response is one of the key benefits you will notice after an economy remap. The throttle will feel more responsive, giving you better control over the car. An economy remap improves the torque lower down in the rev range which increases the throttle response, especially in turbo diesel vehicles that experience a lot of turbo lag which overall has the car gaining sharper throttle response with responsive throttle input.

Linear Power band

Economy chip tuning can have a profound effect on a vehicle’s power band. economy remapping, in particular, can improve fuel economy by up to 15%. This is because the engine is able to run at a more efficient operating point, which leads to less fuel consumption. The power band is also expanded, which means that the engine produces more power at lower revs. This can be extremely beneficial for overtaking and hill climbing. In addition, economy remappings often result in smoother power delivery, which makes for a more pleasant driving experience. If you are looking to improve your vehicle’s performance and fuel economy, then an economy remap could be the ideal solution.

Turbo lag

Turbo lag can be a big problem for drivers, particularly when they are trying to accelerate quickly. Remapping can help to reduce turbo lag, making the vehicle more responsive and giving the driver a smoother ride. turbo lag can be caused by a number of factors, including the turbocharger itself, the engine management system, and the exhaust system. By improving the way these systems work together, a vehicle can be much more responsive and have reduced turbo lag which improves your driving experience.

Flat spots

If you have flat spots in your rev range, it can be frustrating when trying to drive smoothly. Having a remap can help to eliminate these flat spots, making your driving experience much more enjoyable. Here’s how it works:

A remap will adjust the fuel delivery and ignition timing to optimise the engine performance. This can help to eliminate flat spots, as well as improve overall power and torque. The result is a smoother and more responsive engine, which makes driving more enjoyable.

If you’re struggling with flat spots in your rev range, then a remap could be the solution you’re looking for. Contact a professional tuner today to find out more.

Better mpg

The most crucial of improvements is of course optimum economy, improving your vehicles MPG. Due to the increasing cost of fuel this is the most desired attribute of remapping. Vehicle economy improves from 5% – 30% depending on the vehicle you are driving and is of course dependent on your throttle input

More BHP and Torque

When it comes to getting the most out of your vehicle, engine remapping is one of the best ways to achieve increased performance. By modifying the engine management system, tuning can increase both power and torque, giving your car a noticeable boost in performance.

Fuel efficiency whilst improving performance is a huge reason for the success of economy tuning. The ability to create additional power that helps when towing heavy loads and improved throttle response to improve driving style

Reduced fuel consumption:

Economy remapping can help to optimize the performance of a diesel engine, resulting in reduced fuel consumption. This can lead to significant savings on fuel costs, as well as reducing your carbon footprint.

Improved performance:

In addition to saving fuel, economy remapping can also improve the performance of a diesel engine. This includes increased power output and improved acceleration.

Reduced emissions:

Economy remapping can also help to reduce emissions from a diesel engine. This is good for the environment and can also lead to reduced running costs, as fewer emissions will result in less tax being payable.

Benefits of Economy Remapping that aren’t usually mentioned:

  • Smoother power delivery

As Economy remapping provides your vehicle with more Torque, the delivery of power becomes much smoother from lower in the rev range making it easier to accelerate through the gears with a stronger and more reliable response to the pedal being planted.

  • Reduced engine stress

At cruising speeds on a motorway untunes engines are under a lot of engine stress to maintain the cruising speed of the vehicle. Economy remapping improves the Torque and Break horsepower making it easier for a vehicle to maintain cruising speeds, reducing engine stress as cruising at higher RPM’s becomes much easier.

The benefit of saving money on fuel is a huge win for a business owners operating a Van or HGV or those who have scaled a fleet of vehicles and are struggling with the huge increase in fuel costs.

Economy Tuning Diesel Vehicles

Eco tuning is most commonly applied to diesel vehicles as owners of diesels often opt for this engine type due to diesel vehicles achieving greater MPG than petrol.

Diesel engines are known for their fuel efficiency, as they are able to burn less fuel than petrol engines while still providing the same amount of power. This is one of the main reasons why people choose diesel vehicles over petrol vehicles, as they can save a significant amount of money on fuel costs.

In addition, diesel engines produce less emissions than petrol engines, making them more environmentally friendly. Economy remapping can help to improve the fuel efficiency of a diesel engine even further, making it an even more cost-effective and eco-friendly option.

Fuel cost is rising and diesel tuning has become one of the fastest growing markets with turbo diesel variants making large power gains despite having a cheaper retail price than petrol performance variants.

Being able to extract similar performance to petrol performance variants whilst saving on fuel cost makes diesel tuning a great option for any turbo diesel variant on the market.

Commercial Economy Remapping

Commercial economy remapping saves small business owners a thousand a year and fleet owners hundreds of thousands, if not millions of pounds in fuel costs. Economy remapping can also help to prolong the life of your engine by reducing wear and tear. Fleet remapping is a great way to reduce vehicle maintenance costs, reduce fuel cost and improve the bottom line of your business.

If you’re looking to save money on fuel costs, Economy Remapping is definitely worth considering.

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