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At 117Speed we offer gearbox remap services improving your vehicle shift speed, enhancing your vehicle’s performance when climbing through the gears. We operate inย  Manchester servicing a huge range of vehicle makes and models

Intro to the service.

The ECU (including DSG transmissions) control the harmony between the engines’ power output, the driver’s throttle input and shift commands. By performing a gearbox remap we can vary the response speed and capability of gear changes at higher RPM to improve the performance of your vehicle.

A gearbox remap is a service often provided with a stage 2 remap. Due to improvements in both hardware and software, stage 2 remaps vastly improve the performance of your vehicle leaving the capabilities of a regular DSG gearbox set up less equipped to handle additional performance.

We provide many different remap variations at 117Speed that suit the needs of those wanting to enhance performance capabilities for stage 2 tuning as well as those who want subtle improvements to their driving experience.ย 

Gearbox Remap

Our Gearbox remap services

Gear up-shift and down-shift points

We can tune the RPM at which the shift happens

Minimum and maximum RPM for up and down-shifts.

The transmission ECU has its own rev limiters for each gear that over-ride the tune within the ECU so these often need to be changed to compliment an ECU remap.

Torque limiter changes

Gearbox ECU is independent of engine ECU so just remapping the engine ECU wont always unleash the full potential of the drive-train

Launch Control

This option is not available on all models

Automatic shifting control adjustments

We can tune out those annoying up/down shifts in M mode

Is a gearbox remap worth is?

If you’re looking for a way to improve the performance of your vehicle during higher RPM activity a gearbox remap is a great upgrade to consider.ย 

By improving shift speeds and the efficiency of shift at higher RPM your stock or remapped vehicle will feel more responsive and generate a smoother power delivery when climbing through the gears.