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At 117Speed our Ferrari servicing mechanics will conduct a full Ferrari servicing session and return your vehicle keys the same day. If you are looking to service a Ferrari and want to guarantee the same service quality as main dealer practises, we are 117Speed are the Ferrari servicing provider for you. 

FERRARI Servicing with 117Speed

Ferrari is the pinnacle of italian engineering. If you are lucky enough, or should we say.. worked hard enough to own one, we understand your need to keep your pride and joy in peak condition. 

Having serviced hundreds of Ferrari’s we ensure the use of premium fluids and materials during our servicing session at an affordable cost as we purchase fluids in bulk due to our servicing demand. 

We analyse your Ferrari bumper to bumper, inspecting body work, and internal hardware as well as digital diagnostics to work through any fault codes. Your Ferrari deserves the same precision from servicing as it’s build quality exudes, at 117Speed, we provide that. 

If you are looking for Ferrari servicing in Manchester, Leeds or Liverpool, we are the service cetnre for you. 

Ferrari full Servicing:

In the words of Mclaren themselves ‘There is nothing ordinary about our servicing, because there is nothing ordinary about your car’. Your Mclaren service will be carried out by a professional working from the same vehicle check list as a main dealer mechanic. 

Our annual Mclaren service ensures your vehicle is checked from bumper to bumper. We analyse your vehicle for hardware and software faults and ensure we top up and replace all necessary fluids. This includes your engine oil and filter replacement. At 117Speed we only use genuine Mclaren filters and Mclaren specification Mobil 1 oil.

Onc our Mclaren servicing is complete, we take the vehicle for a 5 minute test drive and calibrate all vehicle fluid sensors. We provide this Mclaren servicing package within 4 hours and give our customers back their keys the same day.

Ferrari servicing on a regular basis is crucial for your performance vehicle to remain operating at such a high level of precision engineering. Ferrari engine oil must be replaced at the same grade as it rolled out of the factory. Ferrari’s ability to reach such high RPM and engine temperatures whilst running unphased put strain on fluid quality. We use Millers Oils EE Performance 5w-40 Fully Synthetic Engine Oil as standard and work to your Ferrari manual if there are specific engine oil that should be used for your particular model.

Ferrari servicing is not complete without brake fluid changes. High performance vehicles experience higher stress both in acceleration and stopping. With higher demands placed on the vehicle, quality of material use is even more essential for your Ferrari machine to met expectations. At 117Speed we ensure the use of Ferrari servicing grade brake fluid, specifically produced for your vehicle model.

At 117Speed we use Mobil DCTF Multi-Vehicle Fully Synthetic Dual Clutch Transmission Fluid to ensure your Ferrari servicing experience is of the highest quality. A premium gearbox oil that is used in main ferrari dealerships.

View our 14 point Ferrari servicing list
  • Checking all safety systems
  • Checking all interior lights
  • Checking all exterior lights
  • Checking windscreen washer system and toping up fluid level if necessary.
  • Checking all Tyres for tread depth, patter of wear, overall condition and inflation pressure.
  • Check Ferrari Mobility system (if applicable)
  • Checking engine coolant level and concentration. Re-adjust mixture ratio or top up where necessary.
  • Checking headlamp exterior condition and functionality.
  • Checking steering fluid reservoir oil level (if hydraulic steering)
  • Checking all brake lines and connections for tightness and correct positioning
  • Checking under body and all visible parts for damage, correct positioning and tightness
  • Checking steering system for failures, play, leaks, damage and wear
  • Test Driving – Checking brakes, steering, shock absorbers and gearbox
  • Exterior and interior is washed.




Our Annual Ferrari servicing ensures that crucial fluids and filters are changes as well as a full health inspection of the vehicle bumper to bumper.


Major Ferrari servicing includes all Annual Ferrari servicing plus gearbox oil change, replacement air filter, power steering fluid, spark plugs and anti freeze as an optional extra.


All Ferrari clutch replacement and repair work is performed by our fully trained and proficient technicians who have extensive experience in clutch replacement and repair.


Main dealer Ferrari servicing comes at a premium. As you would expect, independent ferrari specialist approved dealers charge a lower hourly rate for the same service. Our quality matches that of Ferrari main dealer as we work from the same tick list and use the same grade of fluids and materials when carrying out any form of change to your vehicle. If you are looking for Ferrari servicing in Manchester, contact us on 0161 240 7547 or email at

Yes, we are a Ferrari approved dealer. We have the stamp of approval from the world most prestigious vehicle manufacturer to work on their vehicles, on their behalf. Nothing makes our ability to work on your Ferrari more official than this certification.

Precision and price. Ferrari have provided us with authentication certificates to show that we are worthy and capable of working on their vehicles. Our hourly service rate is lower than Ferrari main dealer and the materials and fluids we use when servicing your vehicle are of the same grade as Ferrari main dealer. We match them on quality, and beat them on price. 

To book your Ferrari in for a full, or partial service contact us on 0161 240 7547 or email at