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Engine Remapping Manchester

Looking for engine remapping services in Manchester? In this blog we show you what the #1 ECU Remapping business in Manchester can do to increase the performance or fuel economy of your vehicle. 

117Speed is the most decorated business for ECU remapping that Manchester has to offer. Operating out of a 6,000 Sqft unit on Trafford park, we provide ECU remaps both in-house and around Greater Manchester with our mobile remapping service, covering all areas around the northwest.

If you are looking for a performance remap or for more fuel efficiency from an economy remap, 117Speed has a custom tune that will meet your needs. Get in touch with the team at to discuss your options today. 

How we perform ECU remapping at 117Speed:

Engine Remapping Manchester

There are two different ways to remap a car’s electronic control unit (ECU), but the most common method is through the vehicle’s OBD port. We will plug our state-of-the-art tuning tools into your vehicle’s OBD port, giving us access to your vehicle’s Electronic control unit to install new software onto your vehicle.

Adjustments can be made in your vehicles software to improve fuel economy with economy tuning or performance by increasing your vehicle’s BHP and Torque, all without compromising your vehicle’s reliability, as we calibrate your ECU within safe engine parameters. AT 117Speed we perform Stage 1, Stage 2, and economy tuning.

Once the new remap is uploaded, the ECU will then adjust the engine’s fuelling and timing to match the new settings. This can result in a significant increase in power and performance, as well as improved fuel economy.

Our Mobile remapping service around Manchester and the North West:

As well as providing remapping Manchester based, in our state-of-the-art tuning facility, 117Speed also provides a mobile remapping service traveling to Salford, Oldham, Greater Manchester and surrounding areas in the Northwest. Our mobile service is designed only for software upgrades such as stage 1 and economy engine tuning. No hardware upgrades are made outside of our HQ.

Our mobile service provides a custom remap solution at your home or place of work and can be completed from start to finish in under 2 hours ensuring your vehicle has minimal downtime and our customers aren’t inconvenienced in any way.

A member of the 117Speed team will arrive at your convenience with our professional, genuine tuning tools and work on your drive or at your place of work communicating with our master technicians at HQ who will calibrate the engine remotely, allowing our installer to upload the software files produced bespoke for your vehicle without you having to visit the 117Speed HQ. Whether you are in Salford, Oldham or just around the corner from 117Speed HQ, our in-house calibration team can deliver software to our installer’s equipment for upload in under 2 hours. 

At our HQ we offer a range of Chip tuning / ECU remapping packages from performance engine tuning with a stage 1 software solution, to stage 2 engine tuning that requires hardware upgrades along with economy tuning to improve fuel economy.

Stage 1 Tuning

At 117Speed we offer stage 1 tuning setups both in-house at our HQ in Manchester and as a mobile service. A stage 1 remap is a process whereby the engine management system of a vehicle is recalibrated to improve performance with no additional hardware upgrades required to enhance the vehicle’s performance. 

The main benefits of stage 1 remapping are increased power and torque, improved throttle response, and better fuel economy. In some cases, stage 1 remapping can also lead to reduced emissions. Stage 1 remapping is a cost-effective way to improve the performance of your vehicle without the inconvenience of purchasing upgraded hardware and spending time fitting and adjusting upgrades.

Stage 2 Tuning 

We provide stage 2 tuning services at our Manchester HQ. Due to the hardware upgrades required for stage 2 tuning, we do not perform this as a mobile service. 

Most stage 2 remaps will require some hardware upgrades in order to safely achieve the increased power outputs. Common upgrades include a larger intercooler, uprated air intake and exhaust components, and fuel system enhancements. The cost of these upgrades can vary significantly depending on the specific vehicle being worked on and modifications required.

Upgrading to Stage 2 results in a significant increase in power and performance, so it’s important to make sure your car can handle the extra strain. With the right modifications and preparation, a 117Speed stage 2 can provide an exciting and rewarding driving experience.

Economy Tuning 

Economy tuning is the process of adjusting a vehicle’s engine and drivetrain to operate more efficiently. This can result in significant fuel savings, as well as reduced emissions and improved performance.

There are a number of different ways to economy tune a vehicle, this includes adjusting things like the ignition timing, fuel delivery, and turbocharger boost pressure.

Making these changes can have a big impact on a vehicle’s fuel efficiency. In fact, it’s not uncommon for economy-tuned vehicles to see fuel savings of 10-15%. And, because the engine is operating more efficiently, there are often performance gains as well.

List of additional remapping services we provide in Manchester and with our mobile service covering the north west:

  • Economy remaps
  • Performance remaps
  • EGR Delete
  • AdBlue Delete
  • DPF delete 

If you’re looking to get the most out of your car’s engine, then ECU remapping is a great option to consider, just be sure the tuning garage you decide to work with are using genuine ECU tuning tools and have vehicle software insurance.

If you are looking for remapping Manchester-based or surrounding areas in the north west then speak to a friendly member of the 117Speed team to touch on to discuss your vehicle performance potential and receive a no-obligation quote.