We provide the most comprehensive EGR delete services in Manchester. 

What is an EGR delete

We offer EGR delete services to remove or blank off the valve from your vehicle’s engine control unit (ECU). By doing this we prevent the emissions light appearing on your dash.

How can my EGR Valve fail?

The EGR valve is a key component in reducing the amount of harmful emissions produced by your engine. The EGR valve ensures exhaust gas is consistently recirculating through the engine which in turn creates a build up of carbon deposits in the intake maniford and EGR valve over time.

This results in the EGR valve failing. EGR valve failure can cause a loss in power Failure can also cause a loss in power and even limp mode. A light EGR clog will result in less efficient fuel combustion, reducing your MPG which results in a loss of power. 

Performing an EGR delete prevents gas from passing through the valve by closing the valve permanently, stopping carbon deposits from eventually clogging it up

EGR Valve Fault Symptoms:

What are the benefits of an egr delete?

Once the 117Speed team code out the EGR valve through the ECU, the vehicle will no longer respond to valve readings providing several benefits to both the vehicle and driver. The Emissions workshop light will no longer appear on your vehicles dashboard along with improved driving experience.

In conclusion...

There are many different fines and laws that vary between countries, but one thing remains constant: it’s your responsibility as the driver to make sure you comply with all local regulations when driving on public roads! 117Speed Tuning will not be held liable for any infractions committed due removal of emission control devices even if they’re used legally in another country where there isn’t an issue about removing these pieces federalistically (the U.K).