Manchesters #1 Dyno Remap facility

Here at 117Speed we provide dyno tuning at our state of the art ECU remapping facility in Manchester

If you are looking for bespoke ECU remapping, calibrated specifically to your personal preference, or want to see what your vehicles performance figures truly are, visit 117Speed and we can provide accurate figures and a dyno remap for your vehicle.

What rolling road we use

117Speed is equipped with a 4 Wheel drive BAPRO dyno (4WD- BPA-4R HP). A state of the art piece of equipment that tracks vehicle performance within 1Hp. We are one of very few facilities to offer 4 wheel rolling road tuning in Manchester

This is situated in our 12 Meter by 6 Meter dyno remap cell which houses extractor fans and intake fans that mimic real road air pressure into the intake. Our BAPro dyno is capable of recording 360km/h, 2,000hp and 16,000Nm, making it viable for any vehicle, no matter the power. 

For long wheel base vehicles, our dyno remap set up extends to provide more room to fit your vehicle, alternatively it is possible to run your dyno remap session in 2-wheel drive depending on the needs of the vehicle we are working on.

Proving your Dyno remap figures

Our dyno is linked to a TV in the cell. During a dyno remap the vehicles statistics will display on the screen, showing both Hp and Torque in Nm. At the end of your session, the final Dyno remap statistics will be printed out and given to you to walk away with. This not only proves to you the figures that we have achieved but also serves as proof of power if you comes to sell the vehicle, or wants to show off your dyno remap figures to fellow petrol heads in the pub. 

Our dyno remap print out displays the initial power of the vehicle from our first pull of the dyno remap session and the last, giving you a direct comparison of the vehicle gains we have achieved.

What to expect during your dyno remap session:

Vehicle health check

Before your vehicle is eligable for a dyno remap session, we first check that your vehicle is in full health. Dyno tuning puts the vehicle under high load which can bring light to internal vehicle issues. Our head technician will walk through all health checks including a smoke test to check for any boost leaks before your dyno remap session can commence.

Load the vehicle on to the dyno and strap it

After your vehicle has passed it’s health check, we reverse it onto the Dyno and adjust the wheel base depending on your vehciles requirements. We then strap your vehicle down to the ground from the front, side and back ensuring that your vehicle is safe to operate at high RPM during your dyno remap session. We strap the vehicle down to hooks cemented into the dyno cell floor using ratchet straps. Finally, we provide your intake with forced air to mimic a real road test airflow and turn on extraction fans to remove harmful gases from the dyno cell, away from the dyno remap operative.

Start and warm your engine

Before we begin your dyno remap, we turn the vehicle on and carry out a series of slow pulls through the gears to warm your engine and fluids, in anticipation for high RPM runs as we carry out detailed calibrations to maximise your vehicles performance throughout our dyno

In the words of Mclaren themselves ‘There is nothing ordinary about our servicing, because there is nothing ordinary about your car’. Your Mclaren service will be carried out by a professional working from the same vehicle check list as a main dealer mechanic. 

Our annual Mclaren service ensures your vehicle is checked from bumper to bumper. We analyse your vehicle for hardware and software faults and ensure we top up and replace all necessary fluids. This includes your engine oil and filter replacement. At 117Speed we only use genuine Mclaren filters and Mclaren specification Mobil 1 oil.

Onc our Mclaren servicing is complete, we take the vehicle for a 5 minute test drive and calibrate all vehicle fluid sensors. We provide this Mclaren servicing package within 4 hours and give our customers back their keys the same day.

Base run

Before we carry out your custom Dyno remap, we run your vehicle at base power to record your stock power figures. This gives us a clear base performance to work from and gives you a clear understanding of the enhancements that we have achieved by the end of your dyno remap session.

Calibration runs

Throughout your session there will be a series of Dyno runs. After each calibration, the vehicle must be tested to see the exact effect this has had on the performance. Dyno remap sessions can last between 30 minutes and 4 hours depending on the set up of your vehicle and consist of various pulls from low RPM’s the redline in different gears to see how your vehicle behaves after calibration tweaks. Please note that more complex performance builds require a longer Dyno tuning test session. Standard stage 1 remapping usually takes between 30 minutes and 1 hour.

Final run + print out

After all calibrations have been made, a final power run is performed to take the vehicle up to redline once more, giving a detailed final dyno reading. This Dyno graph is then printed out and you are given this to prove your vehicles power figures to petrol heads, down the pub, or to whoever will listen!.