Here at 117Speed, we are automotive performance specialists. We live and breathe performance upgrades. Our 6,000 Sqft facility on Trafford Park is home to a state-of-the-art 4-wheel BAPRO dyno providing our customers with the exact before and after figures of their tuning session. 

Our master ECU technician Samuel has been tuning for 5+ years and has tuned over 3,000 vehicles both in-house at our HQ in Manchester and around the world on behalf of other tuning facilities through our tuning file portal.

Development and testing

We are the home of automotive performance tuning. No expense has been spared on the set-up of our tuning facility as we pride ourselves on using the latest technology to deliver the best in class tuning experience for our customers. 

Every vehicle that comes through our doors is tuned on our 4-Wheel drive BAPRO dyno, allowing our master ECU technician to tweak and perfect your vehicle’s engine map with precision.

Performance Car Tuning

117Speed are specialists in performance and economy tuning on mainstream cars. We can provide all stages of tuning from economy tuning right up to Stage 3 full custom conversions. We have over 10 years of experience in the tuning industry and have been writing our custom files for 6+ years. With a specialist development program and dealers worldwide, we can offer our full services in most places.

Super Car Tuning

Improving on perfection is possible. At 117Speed we are equipped to tune all kinds of supercars. It’s one thing to stand out by owning a supercar, but it’s another to make your supercar 1 of 1. If you have a specific performance, exhaust note or aesthetic goal in mind for your supercar, we can make that possible.

Commercial Vehicle Tuning

Every business is feeling the pinch. Fuel prices are sky high and the performance of your vehicle’s engine for both longevity and fuel efficiency has never been more important. At 117Speed we provide performance and economy remapping solutions to improve your fuel efficiency, save your business money and improve the health of your vehicle’s engine.

meet the team

Sam - Software dev

louis - finance/marketing

sabah - operations manager




what we operate.

117Speed HQ

Our state-of-the-art tuning facility is the hub for all of our automotive ventures. A 6,000sqft unit based on Trafford Park, Manchester. This houses our vehicle performance technicians and is the North West’s performance hub.

Mobile Tuning division

Operating all over the North West is our mobile tuning division. A fleet of vans that we dispatch to your home or place of work to remap your vehicle, at your convenience.

Marketing team

Goliath Marketing; the sister company of 117Speed. Our dedicated marketing team provide digital marketing coverage for HQ, our mobile team as well as our franchisees. If you are looking to become a franchise of 117Speed or own an automotive business, look no further than our team at Goliath.

become a franchise

Our Franchise model allows hard-working, automotive enthusiasts and mechanics to work alongside our growing team to deliver the 117Speed tuning experience to their local area. 

We provide a franchise model that you can rely on. Sister company Goliath Marketing will ensure your business generates consistent new custom, whilst our master ECU technician at 117 HQ provides high-quality tuning files that satisfy your customer. 

If you are interested in becoming a franchise owner, get in touch today. 

Car remapping in our Manchester HQ and operating mobile in these areas